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Clark Atlanta University Ranks in Top 20

Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014

CAU's HIstoric Harkness Hall
CAU Ranks 18th Among Nation's Top 20 HBCUs
ATLANTA (Sept. 9, 2014) –Clark Atlanta University (CAU) today announced its top-20 ranking as one of the nation’s best Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 “Best Colleges” ranking of HBCUs.  The annual survey ranked CAU 18th out of 50 HBCU rankings.
“Our top-20 ranking by U.S. News & World Report, a nationally recognized leader in college and graduate school rankings, affirms that Clark Atlanta University must continue to advance its course in pursuing of our very special mission, despite a challenging economic environment and paradigm-shifting changes in financial aid that continue to intensify students’ struggles in attaining a college degree,” CAU President Carlton E. Brown said.

In the wake of increasingly constricted student financial aid support, the Parent PLUS Loan and Pell Grant funding, in particular, CAU continues to be the choice of students from across the nation, offering a private education at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels in 38 areas of study through its four schools: arts and sciences, business administration, education and social work, which this year ranked 148th among 200 ranked schools of social work.  CAU also offers a full range of student services and programs, from career placement to international study abroad, in addition to more than 80 co-curricular activities, from forensic debate to student-run radio and TV stations.  
CAU has a unique history, having been established in 1988 by the consolidation of its historic parent institutions, Atlanta University (AU 1865), the nation’s first graduate school for African-Americans, and Clark College (CC 1869), the nation’s first primarily African-American liberal arts college.  More important, the institution is known for producing distinguished leaders who have shaped and forged critical chapters in the American story, from Henry O. Flipper (AU 1869), the first African-American graduate of West Point; to poet, author and ambassador James Weldon Johnson (AU 1904); to civil rights leader Ralph David Abernathy (AU 1951); to  Alexander B. Cummings Jr., executive vice president and chief administrative officer of The Coca-Cola Company (AU ’82); and from renowned educator Marva Collins (CC ’57) to immunologist and activist Pernessa Seele (CC ’76) to Tony Award-winning director Kenny Leon (CC ’78) and Congressman Henry Hank Johnson (CC ’76).  Legendary intellectual and activist W.E.B. Du Bois served both as an administrator and faculty member, and wrote most of his seminal works during his time at the institution.  The University’s school of social work is named after its first dean, the late Whitney M. Young Jr., a leader in the civil rights movement.

All three undergraduate degree-granting institutions in the historic Atlanta University Center  (AUC) made this year’s top-10 rankings.  CAU’s neighboring institutions, Spelman (ranked #1) and Morehouse (ranked #3) colleges top the list; however, CAU is the only AUC institution to offer graduate degrees, as well as a private, coeducational experience undergirded by a growing STEM research enterprise that includes nationally recognized centers in prostate cancer research, nanotechnology, theoretical physics and supercomputing, along with plans for an Innovation Center.  The survey also noted CAU’s small class sizes, with more than 50 percent having 20 or fewer students, as well as freshman retention rate—an indicator of student satisfaction -- of 64 percent.

“While nearly all of the nation’s colleges and universities have experienced some degree of hardship during almost a decade of economic turbulence,” Brown noted, “the nation’s HBCUs have been particularly challenged to retain and graduate students who traditionally hail from communities that bear the double curse of economic disenfranchisement and social disparity.  In the case of Clark Atlanta University, some 40 percent of our students are the first in their entire families ever to attend college.  Therefore, our presence in this year’s rankings buoys our resolve to educate and prepare young scholars for global leadership opportunities, regardless of their backgrounds.  That is our legacy, and we will continue to uphold and expand it to the betterment of communities around the world.”
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