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   Leadership and Professional Development
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Leadership and Professional Development seminars are coordinated each academic semester to provide human relations training to CAU students. Seminars are facilitated by professionals from business, government, service (non-profit) organizations, alumni, and entrepreneurs. Students can participate in midday seminars scheduled from 12:15p.m.–1:30p.m. or afternoon seminars scheduled from 4:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.

A sample of LPD Curriculum seminar topics include:

  • Job Offer and Salary Negotiation: Students will walk through each step of the job selection process including the two stages of job offer evaluation (assessment and decision making), and the three stages of job offer negotiation (preparation, planning, and negotiation).

  • Managing Conflict: Improve the interpersonal relationships by introducing participants to the nature and purposes of conflict, the differences between productive and destructive conflict, and techniques for maximizing communication in the midst of conflict with others.

  • Maximizing the Internship: Participants will understand how an internship can be used as a mechanism for networking, educational and professional development, and career exploration.

  • Embracing Diversity: Learning to understand cultural differences can help students relate to a diverse global society. In this seminar students will examine and discuss cultural differences and the impact of diversity in the workplace.

  • Team Building: Participants will learn the skills necessary to help guide their team through the stages of development and, in doing so; learn to become better team players.