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Certificate of Completion Program

   Leadership and Professional Development
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Certificate of Completion Program

LPD offers a “Certificate of Completion” each semester to CAU students interested in performing an in-depth, self-analysis of their strengths, weakness and career choice while understanding how each correlates with future career success.

The Certificate of Completion Program is comprised of a series of training sessions aimed at bringing career clarity as students begin to discover who they are, what they have to offer, and how they can reach their career goals. The program will also offer a number of self-assessment methods to help students begin to shape a career development plan and portfolio to guide them along their individual career paths.


• Identify current skills and interests.
• Identify future career paths.
• Recognize methods for researching various careers.
• Develop a career development plan and portfolio.

Participating students will complete 5 training sessions. At the end of the last training session students will schedule an individual session for a final review of their career plan and portfolio. Upon program completion, students will receive a certificate to include in their portfolios.

Interested students can sign up by contacting Leadership and Professional Development at 404-880-6749.