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Annual Review

The Annual Review is a sequel to interim reviews that occur during the operational year. It serves as a summative evaluation against objectives and activities planned for the year. It also documents assessment methods and techniques applied during the year.

Annual Review Report

The annual review report references plans established in the 2001-02 operational plan. An annual review report form should he completed for each objective shown on the 2001-02 operational p1an.

Designation of Report Form

Form F: Annual Review Report. Department Chair/ Head
Form G: Annual Review Report, Administrative Officer (Vice President, Dean)

Submission of Annual Review Reports

The annual review report is to be completed by July 15, 2002. Completed annual review forms should be (1) submitted to the responsible administrative officer and (2) sent on diskette to the Office of Planning, Assessment and Research, 300 Kresge Hall. Electronic and/or hard copies should be retained in the respective administrative and departmental offices for documentation purposes.


Questions about the annual review report may be directed to:

Office of Planning, Assessment and Research
300 Kresge Hall
(404) 880-8062

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