Clark Atlanta University
Purpose Statement


Clark Atlanta University is dedicated to preserving and disseminating the heritage of peoples of African descent. Our growth and survival are predicated upon self-knowledge and self-respect, both of which are rooted in a knowledge of history. In pursuit of its mission, Clark Atlanta University accepts the mandate of its parent institutions: Atlanta University's motto, "I'll Find a Way or Make One," and Clark College's motto, "Culture for Service." Rooted in its African American heritage, impacted by present and projected trends, destined to shape the future, the purposes of Clark Atlanta University are:

  1. To maintain a repository of knowledge and an environment which fosters maximum intellectual, social, and cultural development of students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

  2. To engage in the exploration of innovative ideas through research and teaching, new programs and educational experiments, both within and across disciplinary lines, so that the University shall be on the leading edge of American education and so that its graduates shall be informed, visionary, culturally sensitive, politically engaged, and socially responsible individuals with an understanding of their heritage and a strong commitment to advancing social justice.

  3. To provide, through experimentation, research, and social and cultural analysis, new solutions to the physical and social problems of humankind.

  4. To provide excellent education for those students who have proven they are high achievers and for those students who have the capacity for achieving excellence despite previous adverse circumstances.

  5. To provide an increasingly diverse population with competent teachers and role models at all levels of education.

  6. To promote artistic and creative expressions and to emphasize their importance in shaping intellect, values, and culture.

  7. To provide members of the larger community with opportunities for continuing education which are consistent with the overall mission of the University.

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