Clark Atlanta University
Institutional Goals


  1. To enhance and maintain an environment which fosters intellectual, social and cultural curiosity and creativity, and the continuing development of morally sound value systems among students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

  2. To develop accelerated undergraduate and graduate degree programs, other new programs, and educational experiments using innovative ideas through research and teaching, both within and across disciplines, and in keeping with the mission of the University.

  3. To increase the number of African-American faculty members who obtain doctoral degrees in the critical areas of natural and mathematical sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

  4. To implement a comprehensive approach for continuous academic program review and assessment to improve quality and determine resource requirements and new directions through a system of external visiting committees.

  5. To enhance the role of research with an improved research infrastructure and an evaluation system that recognizes the importance of research and teaching to the mission of the University.

  6. To implement an integrated and centralized program for faculty and staff to address personal and professional development.

  7. To continue to institute modern management techniques, taking into account the new information systems, the improvement of human work environments, and the energy-efficient utilization of space.

  8. To build and maintain a vigorous institutional advancement and fund-raising capacity to provide the financial resources necessary to meet the University's goals.

  9. To continue to develop and implement a comprehensive student life program that will include both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

  10. To develop and implement more comprehensive public service programs, including opportunities for students to participate in local, national, and international internships and work experiences.

  11. To implement a systematic plan for attracting a student body of increasing quality and size and an expanded academic support system to improve student retention.

  12. To enhance and provide services to meet the education, cultural, and social service needs of the community by maintaining ongoing linkages with other local, regional, national, and international institutions.

  13. To enhance the institution's commitment to provide education and technical assistance to other nations through programs, and to the furtherance of a university community that will be sensitive to the nature and depth of global interdependence.

  14. To provide a state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure using multimedia technology to facilitate excellence in teaching, research, and service.

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