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Financial Literacy FAQ

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The Office of Student Financial Aid
Clark Atlanta University

223 James P. Brawley Dr., S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30314
Phone:  404-880-8992

Fax:  404-880-8070 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is Financial Literacy important?

The pursuit of higher education for many first time and continuing college students can involve financial challenges and important decisions. The CAU Financial Literacy Initiative is designed to give students the knowledge needed to ensure good financial decisions while in college and provide the tools to build a solid foundation for the future. 

2. What resources are available to CAU students to gain financial literacy?

There are many financial literacy workshops available to CAU students on campus. Students can also view the additional resources section of the University’s financial literacy webpage for other sources of information on financial literacy.

3. How can I find financial literacy information?

You can use this website to search for resources available to you. Choose the Calendar/Events tab and there you will find upcoming workshops and campus events as well.

4. What can I learn through Financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy provides learning opportunities on the importance of financial planning, managing your money, and understanding debt. Whether you are experienced in handling personal finances or just activated your first debit card, CAU’s Financial Literacy Initiative is a good way to strengthen or build financial knowledge and know how.

5. Is there a fee to participate in financial literacy workshops and use financial services on my campus?

All workshops and information on financial services are offered at no charge to CAU students.

6. My parents are interested in getting to learn more about finances for their own personal education?

At no charge, CAU offers nine (9) online mini-modules for parents. In fact, these are the same modules that all of our freshmen students will go through. See the online training section of the Financial Aid site to be linked to the site. Remember to follow the directions.

7. I am not a freshman, but I am very much interested in learning how to secure my future through financial literacy. How do I get involved?

All current CAU students can sit with one of our peer counselors to get assistance with whatever their concerns might be as it relates to managing their finances. Additionally, all undergraduate and graduate students have the options to complete the online financial literacy program. There are nine (9) modules to complete.  

8. What topics will be discussed in my First Year Seminar?

The following topics will be discussed in each 1st Year Seminar; Investing in Undergraduate Education, Setting Goals, Needs and Wants, Credit Basics, Managing Credit, Spending Plans, Monitoring Spending, Monitoring Spending, Solving Debt Problems, and Savings and Investing. 

9. This is a cool program. I wish I had this while I was a student at CAU. As an Alumnus, how can I get involved?

Yes, you can get involved too! Sadly, financial literacy on campus in the United States is new and like most universities it was not at CAU while you were in attendance. However, Alumni have the option of completing helpful online modules to enrich themselves. It is never too late to be informed on ways to secure your financial future. Click here to and follow the instructions on how to start.

10. I would like to become a peer counselor. How do I submit an application?

The Financial Literacy team has recruited all of its peer counselors at the present time. However, you may always submit a cover letter and resume for our files. We will contact individuals for an interview if a position opens up. Please send all communication to FinLit@cau.edu.