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Insurance Waiver

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Students wishing to waive the health insurance will have an opportunity to apply for a waiver from June 1 to August 28 for the Fall  semester.  New students or students that missed the opportunity to apply for health insurance waiver for fall semester will have an opportunity to waive the insurance for spring semester from November 15 – January 30. Students who waived the health insurance for current Fall semester do not need to complete another waiver until  the next Fall semester.

Health Insurance

Clark Atlanta University has worked with United Healthcare Student Health, to offer a comprehensive accident and health insurance program which covers many medical expenses incurred as a result of injury and sickness.

The basic coverage is mandatory for all full-time undergraduate, all residential and international students. It is available and recommended to all students. The supplemental option for domestic students provides increased coverage for an additional premium.

Graduate students living off campus, who wish to purchase the insurance on a voluntary basis, and all students who wish to take advantage of the supplemental option, must advise Student Accounts and pay premiums at the time of registration.

For a full description of coverage, benefits, exclusions, reductions, limitations, and the terms under which the coverage may remain in force, please refer to the brochure on-line at www.studentcenter.uhcsr.com/cau. You may also print a copy of your insurance card.

Insurance Waiver

All full-time undergraduate, residential and international students with F1 or J1 visas are required to have health insurance that meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. If you miss the deadline for fall, you will have another opportunity in the spring. If you complete the waiver for the fall, it is also effective for spring semester. You will not need to complete another waiver during that academic year. 

Student athletes are required to purchase the university’s health insurance plan and may not apply for a waiver.