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Sociology Program

The sociology program (Bachelor of Arts) is concerned with the functions, societal institutions, and social aspects of human behavior and interpersonal relationships. The program offers academic studies and emphasizes social service, career preparation, and community-related activities that reflect the University's urban environment.

Admission Requirements

Candidates seeking admission into the Bachelor’s program in Criminal Justice or Sociology must meet the general requirements of the university.  

  • A minimum test score of 900 (critical reading and math only) on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or a minimum score of 19 on the American College Test (ACT).
  • A minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Acceptable letters of recommendation
    • A high school counselor and high school teacher familiar with the student typically supply these.
  • An applicant statement of interest.  (Essay)
    • The essay may be on any topic desired, but must be a minimum of 500 words.

Degree Requirements

Candidates for the B.A. degree in Sociology or Criminal Justice must meet the general graduation requirements of Clark Atlanta University and of the School of Arts and Sciences. Sociology and Criminal Justice majors must select all courses in consultation with (and the approval of) the University undergraduate coordinator and the undergraduate advisors in the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department. Sociology and Criminal Justice majors must complete 72 semester hours within their selected program. A minor in Sociology requires 18 semester hours: CSCJ 215, 218, 388, 430, 431 and a sociological elective at 300 or above. A minor in Criminal Justice also requires l8 semester hours: CSCJ 201, 205, 301, 401, 403, and 404.


Core Courses Required of all Sociology and Criminal Justice Majors (24 hours)

CPSC 219 American Government and Politics
CSCJ 215 Introduction to Sociology
CSCJ 216 Introduction to Anthropology
CSCJ 218 Social Problems
CSCJ 301 Criminology
CSCJ 337 Social Statistics I 
CSCJ 387 Social Research Methods I 
CSCJ 388 Sociological Theory

Core Courses Required of all Sociology Majors (27 hours)
CECO 250 Principles of Economics (or)
CECO 251 Principles of Macro Economics
CSCJ 315 Social Psychology
CSCJ 338 Social Statistics II
CSCJ 352 Marriage and Family
CSCJ 389 Soc. Research Methods II
CSCJ 420 Special Topics I
CSCJ 430 Cultural and Ethnic Relations
CSCJ 431 Social Stratification
CSCJ 480 Senior Project

Sociology Electives (minimum 21 hours)

CSCJ 308 Medical Sociology
CSCJ 314 Victimology
CSCJ 421 Special Topics II
CSCJ 425 Internship I 
CSCJ 426 Internship II 
CSCJ 432 Gender Roles
CSCJ 400 Comparative Systems in Social and Criminal Justice
CSCJ 490 Independent Study
Total 126 hours (required for Sociology and Criminal Justice major)


First Semester (17 hours) 
BIO 101 Biological Science (3)
GED 100 First-Year Seminar I (1) 
ENG 105 English Composition I (3) 
MAT 103 Algebra I (3) 
STA 101 Fundamentals of Speech (3)
CSCJ 105 Culture and Society (3)
PED 101 Physical Education (1)

Second Semester (16 hours)
PHY 102 Physical Science and Physical Science Lab (3)
GED 101 First-Year Seminar II (1)
CCIS 100 Info. Tech. and Computer Application (3)
ENG 106 English Composition II (3) 
MAT 104 Algebra II (3)
PHI/REL Philosophy/Religion Requirement (3)

First Semester (15 hours) 
ENG 201/202 World Literature I or II (3)
HIS 201/211 History (3)
PSY 211 General Psychology (3) 
CSCJ 215 Introduction to Sociology (3)
Foreign Language Requirement (200 Level) (3)

Second Semester (15 hours) 
ECO 251 Principles of Economics (or ECO 250) (3)
HIS 202/212 History (3)
CSCJ 216 Intro. to Anthropology (3)
CSCJ 218 Contemporary Social Problems (3)
Foreign Language Requirement (200 Level) (3)

First Semester (15 hours)

CSCJ 337 Statistics I (3)
CSCJ 387 Scope and Methods of Research I (3)
CSCJ 388 Sociological Theory (3)
Humanities Requirement (3)
Sociology Elective (3)

Second Semester (18 hours)
PSC 219 American Government and Politics (3)
CSCJ 301 Criminology (3)
CSCJ 315 Social Psychology (3)
CSCJ 338 Statistics II (3)
CSCJ 389 Scope and Methods of Research II (3)
Sociology Elective (3)

First Semester (15 hours) 
CSCJ 420 Selected Topics I (3) 
CSCJ 430 Race and Ethnicity (3)
CSCJ 431 Social Stratification (3)
Sociology Elective (3)
Sociology Elective (3)

Second Semester (15 hours)
CSCJ 352 The Family (3)
CSCJ 480 Senior Project (3)
Sociology Elective (3)
Sociology Elective (3)
Sociology Elective (3)