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Tyler Joshua Green (Religion and Philosophy Major, B.A., '14)Department of Religion and Philosophy
McPheeters-Dennis Hall, Suite 240
Phone: (404) 880-6043

The Department of Religion and Philosophy offers students of every discipline a wide range of opportunities through its contributions to the General Education Core curriculum and service courses for other programs. The Department acquaints students with a variety of religious traditions and philosophical perspectives by offering courses emphasizing critical, comparative, ethical, historical, and interdisciplinary inquiries. 


The Department of Religion and Philosophy offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion and a Bachelor of Arts Degree Philosophy for students interested in pursuing careers in church-related or faith-based nonprofit organizations and other community development agencies. These programs also prepare students intending to enter graduate or professional programs of study in law, religion, philosophy or pre-seminary studies for traditional church ministries.


The Department is committed to keeping abreast with current practices and projected trends in higher education.  To fulfill its purpose, the Department is committed to the use of technology and innovative teaching methods. The department utilizes interactive teaching tools in order to present clear and precise discussions of issues. This pedagogy helps to reinforce student participation and gives students a method for thinking through relevant issues.  Being consistent with university objectives, Religion and Philosophy courses are designed to help students improve their writing and critical thinking skills, and to master the subject matter of the particular course.



The mission of the Department of Religion and Philosophy is to prepare students with the understanding and competency to apply major theoretical and practical concepts in the fields of religion and philosophy including perspectives for moral, ethical, and character education while facilitating relationships with United Methodist organizations, campus ministries and alumni, and seeking new knowledge for solving challenges confronting a diverse global community.


The vision of the Department of Religion and Philosophy is to be a nationally recognized theoretical, practical, and empirically research-based interdisciplinary character education program, serving to expand the University’s foundational role for religious, spiritual and ethical instruction.

Pictured: Religion and philosophy major Tyler Joshua Green (B.A., '14) served as undergraduate student government president and, thereby, as a University trustee.  He is currently pursuing the master's degree in Divinity at Duke University.