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David Gable, Music History and Theory

Dr. David Gable, Assistant Professor of Music at Clark Atlanta University, is a music theorist and historian specializing in the areas of nineteenth-century Italian opera and post-war European music.  His most recent publication is Variations on the Canon: Essays on Music from Bach to Boulez (University of Rochester Press, 2009), of which he is a co-editor and to which he contributed an essay placing the music of Pierre Boulez in the context of the French modernist tradition in general and Impressionist painting in particular, “Words for the Surface: Boulez, Stockhausen, and ‘Allover’ Painting.”  Dr. Gable did graduate work in Music Theory at SUNY Stony Brook, completing the M.A. and Ph.D. in Music History at The University of Chicago, where he wrote a dissertation on the operas of Giuseppe Verdi under Charles Rosen & Robert P. Morgan as a Harper Fellow.  He is co-editor of Alban Berg: Analytical & Historical Perspectives (Oxford University Press) and A Life for New Music: Selected Papers of Paul Fromm (Harvard University Press) and has also contributed various articles on the music of Verdi and Boulez.