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Many opportunities are available for participation in one of our acclaimed ensembles. All music majors and minors are required to participate in ensemble.  Opportunities are also available to the general student population. Membership in the ensembles is by audition, and prospective ensemble members should review the Music Department’s Admissions page for more information about auditions.

Large ensembles include The Philharmonic Society (concert choir), Concert and Marching BandsJazz Orchestra, and The Atlanta University Center-wide Symphony Orchestra.  Concert and Marching Bands have a number of smaller units, and the CAU Jazz Orchestra has CAU Jazztet. Click on the links to the left for information about each of the large ensembles.

Smaller non-credit performing ensembles are organized through the department’s Performance Seminar courses (CMUS114A/B –CMUS 414A/B).