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Department of Foreign Languages 
223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W.
Sage-Bacote Hall, Room 325
Atlanta, GA 30314 
Phone: (404)880-6733

Fax: (404) 880-8862


Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages is to prepare and expose language majors and non-majors to the languages and cultures of different societies and to achieve functional proficiency and communicative competency in the target language through immersion and varied enrichment experiences.

Vision Statement

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages will develop a multilingual community of learners, which affords students the opportunity to perfect their language skills for global communication and awareness, understand curricular content and innovations, and international experiences that connect them to the larger world.


The Department offers introductory and intermediate courses in French and Spanish, as well as degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts in French and/or Spanish, Master of Arts in French and/or Spanish, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities with a concentration in Romance Languages. These degree programs prepare students for various careers in teaching, foreign service, international business, consulting, communication, publishing, law enforcement agencies, interpreting and translating, just to mention a few examples. Two areas of concentration are available at the undergraduate level: one with the general courses and one with a minor in Business. Students may also arrange other interdisciplinary majors with the approval of the Department.

The Department also offers minors (eighteen credit hours) in French or Spanish to students who wish to accelerate their understanding of a particular area of foreign language study while pursuing another major field. Please contact the Department for additional information.

Foreign Language Requirement 

The University requires that all undergraduates complete two courses in the same foreign language at the second-year language course sequence (Intermediate 201 and 202). Students enrolled in the first-year language course sequence (Elementary 101 - 102) receive no credit toward completion of the general core requirement; however, these courses may be counted as electives for graduation. The Department will assist students in enrolling in one of the four levels, according to their score on the placement tests. When possible, students should complete the foreign language requirement in successive semesters.

Graduate students are also expected to possess a reading knowledge of a foreign language (French or Spanish), demonstrated by passing a University reading examination, or passing a graduate-level course in one of the two languages.