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Panther Researcher of the Week: Alexis Carey

Alexis Carey

Alexis Carey

Clark Atlanta University prides ourselves on achievement, scholarship, and service. Originating from Baltimore by way of Bladensburg, Maryland, this weeks Panther Researcher of the Week, Alexis Carey, was selected because she embodies this level of excellence in every endeavor. Alexis Carey is a Senior Biology major, sporting a 3.92 GPA, who has aspirations to conduct research about the biological aspects of mental health of degenerative brain disorders.

This dedication to hard work and merit secured Ms. Carey a second place win in the 2017 CAU Undergraduate Research Symposium poster presentation.  She also holds a spot in the “Who’s who among students in American Universities and Colleges”, is a member of the Isabella T. Jenkins honors program and has completed a research internship with Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. Carey has been featured in 6 academic journals and currently serves as the president of CAU Student Chapter of the NAACP.

When asked “How important does she believe research is to society, herself, and the HBCU community?”
She had this to say: “Research is important to society, myself, and the HBCU community. It has allowed me to visit different states, learn about different cultures, and even open doors for me that I never thought could open. Like many HBCU scholars, we are told that the world is against us and we must work ten times as hard as everyone else to succeed, research is one crucial way to level the field. Instead of focusing primarily on your background, the focus is shifted to the research you have unfolded. It also serves as a medium to improve society one experiment at a time and the more society understands the process of science the more they will see the great truths it holds.”

Congratulations Panther! We, at the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creativity, applaud you and you have our continued support.

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