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Panther Researcher of the Week: Yaraimi Padron

Yarmis Padron

Yaraimi Padron

It was this country’s founding fathers who believed that everyone in society has a role and obligation to humanity. This obligation requires us to use our gifts and culture to aid those who need help no matter how small. This weeks Panther Researcher of the Week used her gift of having an eye for fashion to potentially be an aid to society as a whole. This week’s Panther of the Week is the wonderful Miss Yaraimi Padron, known to her peers simply as Yaya. Miss Padron is a Junior fashion design major coming across country to attend Clark Atlanta University by way of Las Vegas, Nevada. Padron is a multi-cultural, multi-talented young woman. Padron is a Cuban-American scholar being fluent in both Spanish and English, graduating with high marks from Valley High school, and honing her skills as a designer and seamstress.

This past 2016-17 academic school year, Padron spear headed a follow-up to the 2016 research project by the Fashion department under the direction of Dr. Cynthanie Sumpter. The “Fabric Farm” research topic is an initiative Dr. Sumpter initiated with conjunction with Ms. Deborah Butler of Morehouse where various fabrics are buried to see the deterioration processes over time and gain a better understanding of why the fabrics react to the soil the way they do. As one of the leaders of this unitiative Padron did a lot of the heavy lifting and lab work on behalf of the department. Though this may seem like an easy task it came with many obstacles. Ms. Padron had this response to this adversity, "at times I didn’t want to continue with the research due to certain difficulties within our group members. The fact that this research can possibility aid with finding missing children is what motivated me”. Padron has a passion for children as well, realizing this passion for nurturing the next leaders she plans to get a certificate in early childhood education and possibly teach youth; starting as young as kindergarten.

The very humble Padron had this to say in regards to leaving an impact on CAU, “I don’t care much for leaving a legacy. I’d rather leave Clark knowing that I’m a strong, intelligent woman that will have a successful future.” You have certainly accomplished that and by doing so you’ve left a lasting impact on CAU, the model for generations to come.

Congratulations Panther!  We, at the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creativity, applaud you and you have our continued support.

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