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Proprietary Information

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Code of Conduct



CAU may acquire and develop valuable information which could be central to the institution's success. This information is proprietary and, in most cases, confidential. In addition, CAU considers all work generated during an employee's employment to be proprietary and confidential unless it specifically states in writing that it is not.

The employee's obligation to protect CAU's proprietary and confidential information continues even after he or she leaves the institution. If an employee leaves CAU for any reason, he or she must promptly deliver to the University all correspondence, reports, memoranda, records, manuals, notes, computerized files, drawings, business cards and other material and property belonging to CAU which may be in his or her possession or under his or her control. Should he or she continue to use CAU's confidential or proprietary information once he or she leaves the University, CAU may pursue a range of legal remedies.