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Intellectual Property

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Code of Conduct



It is CAU's policy not to infringe upon the intellectual rights of others, including valid and enforceable patents, trademarks and copyrights. Any employee who suspects an infringement should report the matter to his or her supervisor and the Office of General Counsel.

Adherence to Copyright Law

All employees of CAU shall conduct their activities on behalf of the University in such a fashion as to meet and comply with all the requirements of the United States copyright laws and regulations. As a condition of employment, each employee agrees to accept the responsibility for reading and understanding the requirements of the copyright laws and the policy statement and guidelines of the University.

Employees are responsible for knowing and observing the laws concerning the use of copyright material.

See section 2.12.2 of the Faculty Handbook or section 1.1.4 of the Staff Handbook for more information on the use of copyright material.

Q: I would like to photocopy a portion of a book for use in my class. Would this be okay?

A: Faculty are responsible for knowing and observing the laws of copyright material. Section 107 of the Federal Copyright Law Revision of 1978 provides that fair use of a copyrighted work including use by reproduction in copies, for purposes such as teaching, scholarship or research is not an infringement of copyright. Copyright works typically contain a reference describing the permitted use of the work. Where uncertainty exists, the copyright owner should be consulted.

Copyright Policy

Except for writings that pertain to an invention or discovery of a patentable nature and writings done directly related to a University project, through a contract with a third party or through external funds, all rights to copyrightable material shall be reserved by the author.

Discoveries and Inventions--Patents

All employees shall conduct their activities on behalf of the University, including but not limited to any research or writing activities, in such a fashion as to meet and comply with all of the requirements of all federal intellectual property laws and regulations, as well as the University's guidelines regarding same. Any employee who makes an invention or discovery which grew out of the employee's work with the University, must assign all rights to the invention or discovery to the institution. In addition, the University shall be entitled to rights in any employee invention made on University time or with the use of the University's facilities, material or information. The University claims ownership and control of worldwide patent rights that result from activities of its employees including all publication rights. The inventor's limited rights are detailed in the Faculty Handbook. All employees agree to these guidelines and obligations.

For more information on patents, please see section of the Faculty Handbook.