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Gifts and Gratuities

Clark Atlanta University
Code of Conduct



The University prohibits all employees from accepting any personal gift or gratuity with a value in excess of $99, from outside organizations, corporations, companies, partnerships or other entities which provide or are seeking to provide goods or services to the University.

Employees may not accept business entertainment such as invitations to dinner, sporting events, theater presentations, etc., valued in excess of $99. Employees must consult with and report to their supervisor all gifts, gratuities and entertainment valued at more than $99. Gifts that are sent directly to an employee must be reported to their supervisor. Promotional gifts of nominal value such as pens, calendars and scratch pads do not need to be reported.

It is possible that a gift in excess of $99 is acceptable; however, the Gift Receipt form must be completed and returned to the Compliance Office.

Employees of the Purchasing Office must adhere to departmental policies which can be found on the CAU Web site.

Q: As a department head, I have been working with a CAU vendor for several years. This vendor recently offered to do some landscaping work for me at a substantial discount. Can I let him landscape my yard?

A: No. A substantial discount would mean that the vendor was giving you special service with the expectation that you could provide continued or additional CAU business for this vendor.