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Trademarks, Licensing and Brand

The University owns all rights to the use of its name, seal, symbols and other marks. Accordingly, any use of the University's name, seal, insignia and other symbols shall be approved in advance by the Office of University Relations and the Office of Auxiliary Services, which enforces the University's visual identity program. Requests for proposed uses shall be submitted to the Office of University Relations. This includes such use as the University's name and symbols in selling T-shirts, cups, watches and all other paraphernalia. Employees are strictly prohibited from altering the University's visual identity symbols in any way for any purpose. The University's seal, symbol and logo are its trademarks and use beyond what is permitted by University policy is prohibited and subject to legal action.

Seals, symbols and logos include, but are not limited to, the University seal, the CAU Panther Character and the names "Clark Atlanta University," "CAU Panthers," "The Clark Atlanta University Panthers." All commercial use of University marks is restricted to official licensees.

For more information, please see sections 4.4.1 and 5.5 of the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.

Q: I am ordering a novelty item for my department event on which I would like to display a CAU logo. Whom shall I contact regarding using a logo?

A: Contact the OMC at (404) 880-8374

Fund-raising Policy

All fund-raising activities conducted on behalf of or in the name of the University by any employee shall be subject to the coordination of the Office of Development. Grants or gifts may not be accepted on behalf of the University unless approved by the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and University Relations or designee.

Employees may not solicit funds on behalf of any organization other than an approved University organization on University property unless prior approval is received from the Office of Institutional Advancement and University Relations. Employees may not sell or solicit the sale of products on University property or on work time other than University approved products the sale of which is part of the employee's job duties or responsibilities.

For more information on the CAU fund-raising policy, please see Section 2.12.3 of the Faculty Handbook.