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Code of Conduct



A clear understanding of Clark Atlanta University's policies in this Code of Conduct is of great importance to the employee and to the University. Revisions will be made in the future as legal requirements change and to reemphasize the University's policies.

Any employee who knowingly violates the law or the University's policies will be subject to disciplinary action. Failure to report violations is in itself a violation of University policy. Disciplinary action may include formal reprimand, loss of pay, demotion, suspension or even termination. The University reserves the right at any time to change any of the policies stated in this Code of Conduct or the faculty and staff handbooks which are distributed separately.

As a condition of employment, all employees are expected to sign the Code of Conduct at the time of hire and to reaffirm compliance annually. After reading the Code of Conduct, the employee will sign the Employee Certification form and return it to the Compliance Office. The Compliance Office will log receipt of the form before giving the forms to Human Resources. Human Resources will place the form in the employee's personnel file. The employee will retain the Code of Conduct booklet for future reference.