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Compliance Office

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Code of Conduct


Compliance Program

CAU expects its employees to maintain the highest ethical standards and to protect the resources and reputation of the University. To help achieve this, the University's Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees established the Compliance Office. The Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for providing oversight for all functions of the Compliance Office.

The primary function of the Compliance Office is to promote a culture of compliance and accountability. This office is responsible for making compliance a part of daily operations of the University, monitoring the effectiveness of compliance activities and investigating reported compliance violations. The Compliance Office is located at Room 215 Harkness Hall.

A Compliance Committee provides program direction and oversees the activities of the Compliance Office.

CAU Compliance Committee

The CAU Compliance Committee provides direction and guidance to the Compliance Office and assists the President in his oversight of the compliance function. The committee's role is an essential component of the compliance program focusing on CAU compliance with applicable legal, ethical and regulatory requirements. The compliance committee is responsible for identifying and recommending appropriate disciplinary actions in response to specific types of compliance violations.

For a membership list of the Compliance Committee, please see the Compliance Committee Web page.

Reporting Suspected Compliance Violations

The reporting of misconduct is the responsibility of every CAU employee. When possible, employees should report their concerns through normal management channels. If employees are uncomfortable reporting the inappropriate conduct to their supervisor, they may call the Compliance Office at (404) 880-6662, send an e-mail to or mail their complaint to Room 215, Harkness Hall. If employees wish to remain anonymous, they may call the Compliance Hotline at (404) 589-8006.

Compliance Training

A compliance training program has been implemented at the University. All new employees receive compliance training as part of their new employee orientation. All employees who work with government-sponsored grants, contracts or agreements attend mandatory compliance training that was developed to provide guidance in the management of these programs.