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CCRTD is expanding to add further support in the area of histology and handling of biological tissues. We intend to enable CCRTD researchers to acquire and store clinical tissue specimens, make and process slides, perform micro dissections, and handle and expand primary live cells. Histology facility will be closely integrated with Molecular Biology Core, Cell Biology Core, and Structural Biology Cores.

We are already well equipped to handle Epoxy-resin and Paraffin embedding, tissue slicing, slide mounting and staining. We have Microtomes, an Ultratome mounted on a floating table and equipped with Diamond knifeConstant Temperature IncubatorFume hood, Examination Binoculars, slide mounting setup, and miscellaneous equipment.

As a core of the new histology setup and at an interface with Cell Biology Core we have acquired aCryostat and a Laser Capture Micro dissection System (LCM) that enables CCRTD researchers to analyze specific cells and cell populations and significantly increase the power of our molecular and genetic analyses. Our modern LCM System includes maximum magnification power (up to 150x) for visualization and dissection of sub cellular structures such as chromosomes and chromosome fragments, an ability to dissect and outgrow live cells to establish primary cell cultures, and an ability for automated feature recognition and semi-automated user-supervised dissection of desired microscopic features.

We also have an automated Slide Staining and Hybridization Station with protocols for immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, and general histology staining.

The list of available histology equipment includes:

Constant temperature incubator
Cryostat (Microm) 
Fume hood
Microdisection Microscope 
Slide mounting
Slide Staining and Hybridization Station   
Ultra microtome with diamond knife