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CCRTD is committed to promoting prostate cancer awareness and annual testing of all men over the age of 40, which is emphasized through community health fairs, special presentations at community churches and organizations, print media, and electronic media including CAU-TV, WCLK radio 91.9 FM, and other media outlets.


CCRTD actively collaborates with CAU Athletics to inform the community about CCRTD and prostate cancer. The cancer center is the host of CCRTD Day during the football and basketball seasons.  These events are dedicated to celebrating prostate cancer survivors and promoting cancer health awareness.  In addition, CCRTD has an informational table at every home game where prostate cancer literature is distributed to the public.


CCRTD partnered with the Prevention Research Center Office of Community Based Research and the National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer III: Community Networks Program, of Morehouse School of Medicine in sponsoring the 1st Annual Father Son - Basketball Tournament. The goal for this event was to provide the male community with valuable information on cancer prevention and early detection. The Father-Son Basketball Tournament featured: CAU's Men's Basketball Team, live entertainment, exhibits and prizes for all participants. This tournament allowed participants to showcase and test their free throwing, dribbling and three point skills. All ages were welcome.

 CCRTD collaborated with the Georgia Women's Institute and The Georgia Commission on Women to co-host a "Health and Safety Forum" on the campus of CAU. Keynote speaker for this event was Mr. Paul Purcell, renowned Atlanta based security analyst, preparedness consultant and author of "Disaster Prep 101" the world's first comprehensive family disaster and terrorism preparedness manual. This forum included a panel of experts who discussed health issues, which included heart disease, prostate and breast cancer, personal safety, diabetes, H1N1 and other chronic diseases, Also included, was a panel on health care advocacy to address the current debate over health care reform.