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In CCRTD, we provide excellent support for Cell Biology research and advanced cell visualization applications. We have complete facilities for cell growth, handling, and storage. Cell Culture Facility maintains Cell Storage Cryo Tanks with uninterruptable liquid nitrogen supply and two separate Cell Culture rooms fully equipped with eight temperature and CO2-controlled Cell Growth Incubators, twoBiological Safety Cabinets, Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorter (FACS), two late model Inverted Digitized Microscope (Zeiss), one of which is fluorescence-enabled and possesses Z-stacking and live cell imaging capabilities, automated Cell Counter (Nexcelom Bioscience), and refrigerated storage for media and cell culture reagents.

Here is the list of all major equipment and options for the support of Cell Biology research in CCRTD:

Cell Counter (Cellometer, Nexcelom Bioscience) 
Cryopreservation tanks with monitored liquid nitrogen supply 
Temperature- and CO2 controlled incubators for cell growth (six) 
Exhaust sterile hoods for cell and tissue culture work (two)
Inverted Microscope 
Inverted digitized microscope (Zeiss)
Flow Cytometer (Accuri) 
Fluorescence-enabled inverted digitized microscope with Z-stacking and live cell imaging modules (Zeiss)
Fluorescence-enabled upright digitized microscope with Apotome (Zeiss) 
Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorter (BD Biosciences) 
Refrigerator storage