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Dr. Xiu-Ren Bu

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Dr. Xiu-Ren (James) Bu
Department of Chemistry
Clark Atlanta University
Office:  404-880-6897
Fax:  404-880-6890


1982, B.S. Nanjing Univeristy
1988, Ph.D. Nanjing Univeristy


Research Interest

Polymer materials and nanotechnology, heterocyclic chemistry & therapeutic/anti-tumor agents, energetic materials & detection and impact study, asymmetrical catalyses, synthetic methodology, electro-optical & piezoelectric materials, photosensitizers & photovoltaic materials, NIR fluorescent dyes & molecular sensors, enivronmental chemistry and materials for remediation.



 Synthesis and characterization of photoluminescent terbium-containing polymer precursors, Chang H. Yana, Hong H. Hua, Chuang J. Xua,Wen Zhua, Ming ZhangaXiu R. Bu,Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 204 (2009) 19–24.
 Synthesis and two-photon absorption property of novel salen complexes incorporated with two pendant azo dyes, Zihong Ye, Leonardo De Boni, Ubaldo Martins Neves, C. R. Mendonça, Xiu R. Bu,Tetrahedron Letters 50 (2009) 1371–1373.
Poly[4-(4-vinylbenzyloxy)-2-hydroxylbenzaldehyde] for Rapid Removal of Low Concentrations of Pb(II), Prince Amoyaw, Conrad Ingram, Fu-Lian Hsu, Xiu R. Bu,  Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2009, 113 (2009) 2096–2102.
Amoyaw Prince, Conrad Ingram, Fu-Lian Hsu, Xiu R. Bu, Chelating polymers as absorbents for removal of low concentrations of toxic heavy metals from aqueous media.    PMSE Preprints 100 (2009) 714-715.
Amoyaw Prince, Myron Williams, Xiu R. Bu, The rapid removal of low concentration of Cd(II) from aqueous media by chelating polymers with salicylaldehyde units, J. Hazard. Mater., 170 (2009) 22-26.
Ubaldo M. Neves, Leonardo De Boni, Cleber R. Mendonça, Zhihong Ye, Xiu R. Bu, Two Photo‐Absorption Property of Metal Complexes Tethered with Azo Dyes, Integrated Photonics and Nanophotonics Research and Applications/Nonlinear Optics/Slow and Fast Light, OSA Technical Digest, 2009.