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Dr. Kimberly Davis

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Dr. Kimberly Davis
Sr. Research Scientist/
Community Outreach Coordinator
Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development
Clark Atlanta University
Tel: 404-880-6750
Fax: 404-880-6756


Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
Doctorate of Philosophy in Human Sciences
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Normal, Alabama
Master of Science in Nutrition
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Normal, Alabama
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Hospitality Management
Research Interest
Dr. Kimberly Davis’s research emphasis includes research in cancer health disparities and falls into four broad categories: cancer etiology, nutritional epidemiology, minority participation in research studies, and cancer survivorship. She conducts research to study relationships between various dietary factors and prostate cancer risk, with an emphasis on racial and ethnic disparities. She is also interested in the development of simple and practical dietary assessment tools that are adaptable to diverse ethnic and racial populations and in the use of nutrient biomarkers in diet and cancer research. In addition, Dr. Davis’s research also includes studying various methods and strategies to recruit minorities into research studies for cancer prevention and control.  
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