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Dr. Jaideep Chaudhary

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Dr. Jaideep Chaudhary
Professor and Interim Chair
Department of Biological Sciences
Clark Atlanta University
Office:  404-880-6821
Fax:  404-880-8065

Research Interest

The overall lab hypothesis is to understand molecular events wherein a differentiated cell becomes undifferentiated, bypasses senescence, undergoes immortalization and eventually becomes transformed. By integrating a multitude of molecular, transcriptomic and genomic approaches we address the fundamental biology of these events that eventually leads to neoplastic transformation. The model systems that we use to address these molecular pathways are the prostate and ovary.

Following are some of the specific projects in our laboratory:

  • Role of dominant negative helix loop helix proteins in the initiation and maintenance of prostate cancer.
  • Fundamental biology of Id gene/ protein expression (regulation of expression of specific isoforms, mRNA/ protein stability/ interaction partners and downstream effectors)
  • Large scale genomic and transcriptomic changes during neoplastic transformation of epithelial cells (prostate).
  • Androgen regulated pathways in prostate epithelial cells