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President Johnson's Response to Moody's Rating (September 25, 2015)

Home President Johnson's Response to Moody's Rating (September 25, 2015)

Dear Clark Atlanta University Community:

For several years, Clark Atlanta University has struggled financially, culminating in credit rating downgrades and challenges to the University’s ability to fulfill its primary mission of increasing student academic and career success.  The recent rating downgrade by Moody’s (see the attached announcement) is not a sign of a financial crisis.  Student enrollment at CAU this fall is 3655 and close to six percent above the level reached in Fall 2014.  My administration is working to raise money and implement programs to increase enrollment and student retention. 

When I assumed the presidency of CAU I issued a clarion call to our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and vision partners to join me in “mobilizing for the future.”  The response from all of the University’s constituencies has been overwhelmingly positive and my wife and I are proud to be a part of Panther Nation and excited about how together we will define the future.

As you know, positive, significant and lasting change does not come easily.  It requires leadership, strategy, and effective and efficient execution.  It also requires that all of our stakeholders join in a shared vision and a willingness to work together so that tomorrow will in fact be a new day. 

Although I have been in office for less than 100 days, we have begun the process of moving CAU to the next level of competitive advantage.  Over the coming months, the green shoots of change will become more evident.  Yes, there will be setbacks and an occasional stumble, but our cause is just and we know that together we will “find a way or make one.”


Ronald A. Johnson, Ph.D.


Attachment:  CAU News Release