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trotterAlvin T. Trotter, M.D. (CC, ’63)
Los Angeles, California
Joined the Board in 2004 

Dr. Alvin Trotter has made health, family unity, and youth education the guiding force in his life. Upon graduation from the UCLA Medical School and completion of his residency at the Los Angeles County Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center, Dr. Trotter opened a private medical practice in Los Angeles, specializing in internal medicine. Following a successful private practice, he and four associates opened Regent Medical, where they offer full-service primary care to patients in the Los Angeles/Inglewood communities. He is devoted to uplifting youth and to the health, educational and economic empowerment on behalf of the communities he serves. Among his affiliations are the American Medical Association, the National Medical Association and the Los Angeles Medical Society. He is a lifetime member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and he serves on the Board of Directors of the Coalition of Mental Health. Dr. Trotter holds the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Clark College and a medical degree from the UCLA Medical Center.