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Policy and Procedures

Accounts Payable
319 Haven-Warren Hall
Phone: (404) 880-8803, Fax: (404) 880-8361


Payment of Vendors

Accounts Payable matches PO, receiving documents and vendor invoices. If all items agree, the invoice is keyed into Banner and queued for payment. Accounts Payable will investigate any differences in quantities or amounts.

Timing of Vendor Payments

Payment of vendors will be based upon vendor payment terms or based upon CAU standard terms of “net-30 days.” For questions on the timing of vendor payments, contact Accounts Payable.

Payment of Students

All payments to students through Accounts Payable are made by direct deposit on to Bbpay cards, or checks. Bbpay cards operate like prepaid debit cards for students who do not wish to receive paper checks.

Prepaid Orders

Staff and Faculty should generally seek out vendors who accept PO and payment on “net 30 day” terms. In cases where orders must be prepaid, mark “Prepay” on the requisition. This is common for membership dues, subscriptions, conference registrations and certain hotel stays. There may be other sole-source vendors who require prepayment.

Prepaid Orders will still be processed into POs by the Purchasing Department, and forwarded to Accounts Payable, where they will be keyed as invoices or direct pays. Payment of Prepaid Orders will be based upon priorities. When checks are cut, they will be mailed by Accounts Payable to the vendor along with a copy of the PO. Departments must still comply with turning end Receipt of Goods and Services for prepaid orders.

Check Printing Schedule

Checks are generally printed in a weekly batch on Thursday and distributed on Friday. To be included in the weekly check run, paperwork—approved PO or requisition—must be in Accounts Payable by noon on Wednesday. Direct deposit transactions require two (2) days for processing, i.e., transactions processed on Thursday will post to bank accounts on Monday.

Requests for checks at other times should be directed to the University Controller or Accounts Payable Manager. If approved, a check will be issued after 3:00 p.m. for all approved requests received by 2:00 p.m. Approved requests received after 2:00 p.m. will be processed and available the following day after 3:00 p.m.

Distribution of Checks

  • Vendor checks are automatically mailed on Friday, unless circumstances require that a check be picked up (subject to the approval of the Accounts Payable Manager). Remittance addresses will be verified against the invoice prior to mailing. Vendor checks will not be returned to departments for mailing, as this violates the internal controls and security measures.

  • Staff & Faculty checks will be available for pick-up on Friday. Checks not picked up on Friday, will be forwarded to the mailroom on Monday for distribution through interoffice mail.

  • Attachments: Requesters must include remittance stubs and provide copies of any documents that must be mailed with the checks. Accounts Payable will create an envelope to mail vendor checks with enclosures.

Vendor Payment Inquiries

Banner Self Serve is available to Staff and Faculty to research the status of requisitions, POs, vendor invoices and to verify whether an invoice has been paid by Accounts Payable. For unpaid invoices, contact Accounts Payable to discuss the timing of payment.

Voiding Checks / Lost Checks / Replacement Checks

Contact the Accounts Payable to request that a check be voided or reissued. In the case of lost checks, it will be necessary to process a stop payment request. Replacement checks will be issued approximately 48 hours for confirmation from the bank. If not reissued, voided checks will be credited back to the original budget charged.