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Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is a key component of the center's operation. Activities include advising all first-time students (freshmen and transfers) upon admission into the University and continuing through freshman and sophomore years; coordinating advisement workshops for faculty/staff advisors; and developing activities to holistically assist students as they pursue graduation.

Responsibilities in the Advising Relationship:

  • Take the initiative to contact your advisor. Be mindful of the need to work with advisors during posted office hours.
  • Prepare a list of questions or concerns before each meeting with your advisor. Have a tentative, written schedule prepared if you are registering.
  • Be familiar with the requirements of the major(s) you are pursuing, and schedule courses each semester in accordance with those requirements.
  • Ask questions! If you do not understand a policy or procedure, ask questions until you do understand. Be informed about policies, procedures and requirements.
  • Get to know your advisor and let him or her get to know you. This person is a valuable resource, and can be of benefit to you not only while at CAU, but also afterwards, once you enter the job market or graduate school.
  • Observe academic deadlines and do not miss them.  Know when to register and how to get financially enrolled. Set up appointments with your advisor well in advance of these deadlines.
  • Keep your advisor informed about changes in your academic progress, course selection and/or academic career goals.
  • Keep a personal record of your progress towards your degree. Organize official CAU documents for easy access when needed.
  • Do your very best to make sound, informed, academic decisions and accept responsibility for them.