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The Department of Religion and Philosophy acquaints students with a variety of religious traditions and philosophical perspectives by offering courses emphasizing critical, comparative, ethical, historical, and interdisciplinary inquiries. The focus is primarily on the Judeo-Christian tradition, particularly the African-American aspect.

Majors are offered in religion, philosophy, religion and philosophy, interdepartmental studies and the Accelerated Interdisciplinary Degree Program. The first two areas are suggested for students intending to pursue graduate study in religion or philosophy. The third is for students interested in pre-seminary studies for traditional church ministries, while the fourth offers preparation for church-related careers. Students may design majors in fields such as religion and communications, religion and music, and religion and business administration. Interdepartmental majors in other areas may also be arranged.

The department offers an Accelerated Interdisciplinary Degree Program (AIDP). It is a five-year program designed for academically advanced and highly motivated students to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Religion and Philosophy and a Master's in Education, Social Work or Public Administration.

Particular courses of study followed by individual majors (fifteen [15] courses) are determined in consultation with the Department's faculty and are designed with the major's interests and objectives in mind. The fifteen (15) courses required for an interdepartmental major consist of eight (8) religion and philosophy courses and seven (7) in other disciplines.

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