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Course Descriptions

CPSY 211. General Psychology
3 credits
Introduction to basic psychological concepts and methodology. Surveys major research areas, including the nervous system, perception, learning, motivation, development, and personality. General Psychology provides the foundation for more advanced study in psychology.

CPSY 218. Human Growth and Development
3 credits
Covers issues, theories, and research on the cognitive, social, personality, and physical development of humans throughout the lifespan with emphasis on the influences of gender and culture.

CPSY 301. Educational Psychology
3 credits
For prospective teachers: a survey of the basic principles, theories, and techniques of applying psychological theory to the learning process. Students identify common problems teachers confront in the classroom and apply course material to typical classroom situations.

CPSY 313. Statistics I
3 credits
Descriptive statistics and the basic components of experimental design. Students are introduced to measure of central tendency and variation, making and interpreting graphs, and organizing data. Also covers probability and introduces students to one sample T-Test and Chi-Square. Prerequisites: CPSY 211 and MAT 105.

CPSY 314. Statistics II
3 credits
Hypothesis testing and inferential statistics. Students are introduced to a variety of statistical tests, both parametric and non-parametric, among which are regression, T-Tests, complex Chi-Square, independent and repeated analysis of variance tests, and Mann-Whitney U and Wilcox signed-ranks tests. Prerequisites: CPSY 211, CPSY 313 and MAT 105.

CPSY 315. Social Psychology
3 credits
Study of the individual in society. Emphasis is on cognition, attitude formation and change, and group behavior. Prerequisite: CPSY 211.

CPSY 316. Introduction to Psychological Testing
3 credits
The construction, standardization, scoring, administration, use, and interpretation of group and individual psychological tests. Prerequisites: CPSY 211 and 313.

CPSY 318. Industrial and Organizational Psychology
3 credits
Survey of methods and findings in the scientific study of humans at work as applied to business, industry, and government. Topics include employee selection, training, and motivation. Prerequisites: CPSY 211 and 313.

CPSY 320 - Social and Personality Development
3 credits
A detailed look at the interaction between the physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of development on topics such as moral reasoning, altruism, and the development of individuality. The ecological (family, peers, school, etc.) influences on the developing person will also be examined. Prerequisites: CPSY 211 and 315.

CPSY 330 - African-Centered Psychology
3 credits
An examination of the behavior, attitudes, life-styles, and cultural heritage of African-Americans. This course is offered to introduce students to concepts, theories, and research pertaining to Black Psychology. This course is organized around the premise that there is a distinctive, coherent African-centered perspective that is evident in the behavior, attitudes, life-styles, and expressive patterns of people of African descent. Prerequisite: CPSY 211.

CPSY 358. Human Sexuality

3 credits
Understanding of human sexuality and its relationship to the emotional, physical, intellectual, and social aspects of the individual. Students also explore concepts of self- esteem and factors affecting interpersonal relationships.

CPSY 371. Experimental Psychology I
4 credits
Experimental design, sensation, and perception. Students acquire skill in the use of the scientific method, investigative methods, and data collection and analysis. Three (3) lecture hours and two (2) laboratory hours per week. Prerequisites: CPSY 211 and 313.

CPSY 377. History and Systems of Psychology
3 credits
Philosophical antecedents of the concepts of modern psychology. Students explore the life and works of significant personalities in the field of psychology and trace major theoretical viewpoints in the historical development of modern psychology. Prerequisite: CPSY 211.

CPSY 385. Abnormal Psychology
3 credits
Study of psychopathology, including history, demography, etiology, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment. Prerequisite: CPSY 211.

CPSY 413. Learning
3 credits
Current theories and research on the processes of learning and memory. Topics studied include classical and operant conditioning, reinforcement and punishment, discrimination and generalization, and the various parts of the human memory system. Prerequisite: CPSY 211.

CPSY 415. Physiological Psychology
3 credits
Study of physiological aspects of human behavior, with emphasis on neurological structure and function. Major topics include the basic structure and function of neurons and the nervous system as well as the physiological basis of eating and drinking, sexual behavior, sleep and dreaming, and drug abuse. Prerequisites: CPSY 211 and BIO 111.

CPSY 417. Independent Research
3 credits
A specific experimental research project, usually in conjunction with a faculty member on some aspect of his or her research. Independent Research may be taken twice for credit. Prerequisites: CPSY 211, 313, 314, 371, and permission of instructor.

CPSY 418. Seminar
3 credits
Lectures, reports, and discussions of selected topics of interest and importance to advanced undergraduate psychology majors. Prerequisites: CPSY 211 and senior standing (at least 88 hours completed).

CPSY 420. Special Topics
1 credit
Exploration of diverse topics in psychology, such as job opportunities, test preparation, graduate school opportunities, and current events with psychological implications. Presenters include students, faculty and professional psychologists. Also serves as a forum for students and faculty to present their research findings. Prerequisite: CPSY 211.

CPSY 480/483. Independent Study
3 credits each
Students, in consultation with supervising faculty member, follow detailed plans of self-directed study on topics of the students' choice. Prerequisites: CPSY 211 and permission of instructor.

CPSY 488/491. Internship
3 credits each
A semester of firsthand experience working in a psychological agency with clients needing help with psychological problems. Interns work three (3) hours each week under the direction of a professional within a designated agency and a member of the Department of Psychology faculty. Students must arrange internship details with the agency and the Department. Satisfies the college-wide service requirement. Prerequisites: CPSY 211 and junior or senior standing.

CPSY 492/495. Cooperative Education Experience
3 credits each

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