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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

CCIS 100: Information Technology and Computer Applications -- 3 credits
Introductory course dealing with information systems with understanding of fundamental computer concepts and terminology and various software and hardware categories and devices. Topics include computer concepts and software applications.

CCIS 101: Introduction to Computing -- 3 credits
An overview of all major areas of Computer Science, such as hardware design, operating systems, programming languages, database artificial intelligence, etc.

CCIS 105: Programming Principle I -- 3 credits
Problem solving using object-oriented and visual-graphics programming techniques. Actual implementations may be required for introductory programming problems. Guided laboratory.

CCIS 106: Programming Principle II -- 3 credits
This course is the second in the programming course series; it is designed to prepare computer science majors with the essential tools and concepts to implement solutions for problems of moderate complexity using the object-oriented paradigm.

CCIS 121: Introduction to Computer Systems -- 3 credits
Introductory study of logical organization of computer components. Topics include input-output processing, memory and processor structures and basic logic circuit design. Assembly language programming will be emphasized. Guided laboratory. Prerequisites: CCIS 105.

CCIS 123: Data Structures -- 3 credits
Introductory study of data structures, including record, file, linked structures, lists, stacks, queues, graphs and trees. Guided laboratory. Prerequisites: CCIS 105.

CCIS 200: Structured Programming -- 3 credits
Detailed presentation of the concepts of structured programming design and implementation. This will expand on the programming concepts introduced in CCIS 105 and CCIS 106, particularly subprograms, recursion, as well as abstract data types and formatted I/O. At least one session will present computer ethics from a programmer's point of view. Prerequisites: CCIS 106.

CCIS 227: Deductive Systems -- 3 credits
Introductory study of propositional and predicate systems, including topics such as standard forms, resolution principle and refutation algorithms. Applications to computer science. Prerequisites: CCIS 215.

CCIS 300: Programming Languages -- 3 credits
Overview of syntactic, semantic and pragmatic principles of programming. Parsing, translation and compiler construction. Prerequisites: CCIS 123 and 200.

CCIS 301: Computer Systems Software -- 3 credits
Study of basic concepts of computer software systems, including operating systems, language translators, utilities, linkers and loaders. Prerequisites: CCIS 123 and 200.

CCIS 321: Introduction to Software Methodologies -- 3 credits
Introductory study of large software development issues, including requirements analysis, specification, design, testing and maintenance. Prerequisites: CCIS 123.

CCIS 341: Probability and Statistics in Computing -- 3 credits
This course gives an introduction to probability and statistics in computing. Topics include expectation, combinations and permutations, independent and conditional probability, organization and analysis of data, standard probability distributions, and the testing of hypothesis. Emphasis will be placed on the applications and applicable methods in the field of computing.

CCIS 411: Data Communications -- 3 credits
Introduction to data communications, digital data communication techniques, error detection, data link control, multiplexing and communication networking. Issues involved in the physical layer, data link layer, and network layer will be covered. Prerequisite: CCIS 225.

CCIS 429: Web Design & E-commerce -- 3 credits
This course provides an introduction to design and development of applications for the World Wide Web, also, will emphasize client-side programming with an introduction to e-commerce and will provide the student with an introduction to the main components involved in designing and developing Web-based applications.

CCIS 471: Introduction to Algorithms -- 3 credits
Study of algorithm design, using appropriate data structures. Topics include algorithms for sorting, searching and graph traversal and complexity issues. Prerequisites: CCIS 221 or consent of department.

CCIS 472: Introduction to Computer Architecture -- 3 credits
Study of logical organization of computer hardware and functional components. Prerequisites: CCIS 121.

CCIS 473: Introduction to Operating Systems -- 3 credits
Study of basic operating systems concepts, including multiprogramming, resource management and implementation. Prerequisites: CCIS 301.

CCIS 474: Introduction to Database Systems -- 3 credits
Study of basic concepts of data bases, query processing and other topics of interest.

CCIS 475: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence -- 3 credits
Introductory study of intelligent problem solving and search algorithms, inference systems, machine intelligence and knowledge organization. Prerequisites: CCIS 227.

CCIS 482: Introduction to Computer Information Systems -- 3 credits
Study of methodologies for designing and implementing management information systems with emphasis on system development, implementation and evaluation. Prerequisites: consent of the department.

CCIS 490: Practical Training -- 3 credits
Training with industry and government laboratories via internship and cooperative education programs. To receive credit for this course, a student must register prior to undertaking the proposed work. Prerequisites: consent of the department.

CCIS 491: Information Systems Research/Design Project -- 3 credits
Prerequisites: CCIS 482.

CCIS 492: Database Research/Design Project -- 3 credits
Prerequisites: CCIS 474.

CCIS 493: Systems Software/Hardware Research/Design Project -- 3 credits
Prerequisites: CCIS 473.

CCIS 494: Software Engineering Research/Design Project -- 3 credits
Prerequisites: CCIS 321.

CCIS 495: Artificial Intelligence Research/Design Project -- 3 credits
Prerequisites: CCIS 475.

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