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Welcome Parents

One Smart Decision, One Amazing Journey.

Siriyama Herath, Ph.D.

You knew this day would come!  Your child is almost a high school graduate and will soon be ready for college!  But how do you select the right university?  How will your son or daughter finance a college education?  How will they fare away from home?

Students at Clark Atlanta University enjoy a rich, challenging academic experience provided by nurturing faculty with high expectations.  A solid foundation of research, innovation and discovery undergirds the CAU experience, selected as one of the "Best in the Southeast" by the Princeton Review.  

Parents are always welcome here in Panther Nation.  We would love to meet you in person!  But first, these links will help you and your soon-to-be university scholar prepare to make one of the smartest decisions they will ever make, the decision to enroll in Clark Atlanta University.  Our students enjoy one of the most amazing journeys any lifetime could offer, and it all begins at CAU!

Siriyama Herath, Ph.D., is a well-published faculty member and a Panther Parent!  She suggests these helpful pointers: 

CAU Quick Facts

CAU Academics

CAU Admissions

CAU Financial Aid

CAU Undergraduate Course Catalog

Living in Atlanta

Do you have questions or need more information about your child's future at Clark Atlanta University?  Email us:  Info@cau.edu