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University Guiding Principles

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CAU Freshman Induction Candlelighting Ceremony

University Mission Statement

Leveraging its distinctive history, Clark Atlanta University is an urban research university that transforms the lives of students and their communities by preparing citizen leaders to be problem-solvers through innovative learning programs; supportive interactions with faculty, staff, and students; exemplary scholarship; and purposeful service.

-Approved by the Board of Trustees, June 22, 2013

University Vision Statement

Clark Atlanta University will increasingly become a dynamic 21st century research university of choice for a diverse student body with enhanced student enrollment yields, success and global marketability.

University Core Values

Clark Atlanta University subscribes to seven core values, guiding the ethical conduct of the institution as we go about achieving our vision and mission.  They are:

  1. Promoting innovation and collaboration to make to unite and make significant contributions to the knowledge of humankind.
  2. Upholding a student-centered ethos that is responsive to diverse student backgrounds, learning styles and career aspirations.
  3. Commitment to the pursuit of quality and excellence in service to all stakeholders.
  4. Acting with personal and professional accountability and integrity in all we do.
  5. Exhibiting respect for all individuals, workplace and natural environments.
  6. Practicing and nurturing ethical behavior and social responsibility in all endeavors and toward all constituents.
  7. Embracing and supporting all forms of human diversity and inclusiveness in all of our actions toward the University Family and external constituents.

University Cultural Creed

Clark Atlanta University is committed to academic excellence, building character and service to others. The University will achieve its mission by cultivating an environment of honesty, kindness, mutual respect, self-discipline, school loyalty, trust, academic integrity and communal pride. As a member of this scholarly comity, I make the following pledge:

  • I will work to promote academic honesty and integrity;
  • I will work to cultivate a learning environment which opposes violence, vulgarity, lewdness and selfishness;
  • I will embrace the concept of mutual respect by treating others the way I want them to treat me;
  • I will support a campus culture of diversity by respecting the rights of those whose views and experiences differ from my own;
  • I will honor and care for the sanctity of my body as the temple of God;
  • I will commit myself to service so that I can make a difference in the world and a difference for more than just myself;
  • I will celebrate and contribute to the “spirit of greatness” left by those who preceded me and I will work to leave this a better place for those who follow me;

As a member of this community, I am committed to conducting myself in ways that contribute to a civil campus environment which encourages positive behavior in others. I accept the responsibility to uphold these noble ideals as a proud member of the Clark Atlanta University Family.