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    Undergraduate Technology and Academic Support Program
    McPheeters-Dennis Hall Room 5
    Telephone: (404) 880-8254



Undergraduate Technology and Academic Support Program (UTASP) is an initiative funded by Title III. The primary directive is to advocate technology in support of the academic goals of the University. The UTASP motto is “Connecting Instruction and Learning with Technology.” The goal is to assist professors in achieving their learning objectives through the use of technology. This involves creating what the discipline has termed “interactive classrooms.” The Information Technology and Computer Application and First-Year Seminar courses have been selected to pilot the interactive classroom concept.

UTASP coordinates the Laptop Loan Program (LLP) for undergraduate students. Access to technology within the classroom for both instructors and students is an important feature of the interactive classroom. Therefore the LLP, which provides a laptop, as availability permits, for first-year, first-time students, is an important integral of the UTASP directive.

The mission of the Undergraduate Technology and Academic Support Program (UTASP) is to promote the advantages of educational technology within the teaching and learning environment at Clark Atlanta University. At its core, this mission endeavors to advance the transformation of our classrooms into interactive learning environments. UTASP seeks to (1) enhance teaching and instruction by encouraging the use of educational technology tools to support classroom instruction, and (2) to positively impact student learning and success levels by advocating appropriate technology to actively engage a diverse undergraduate student body.

Program Director: Janth English
Phone: (404) 880-8254