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Facts on Sustainability

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                    Did You Know?

  • The Consumption Of The Average U.S. Citizen Requires 18 Tons Of Natural Resources, Per Person, Per Year, And Generates An Even Higher Volume Of Waste.

  • 97% Of The World’s Water Supply Is Saline

  • Almost 70% Of The Fresh Water Is Frozen In Antarctica And Greenland

  • Less Than 1% Of The World’s Water Is Available For Human Use

  • A New York To Los Angeles Plane Trip Generates 1.8 Tons Of Carbon Dioxide Per Person

  • Americans Use 2, 500,000 Plastic Bottles Every Hour

  • Rainforests Are Being Cut Down At The Rate Of 100 Acres A Minute

  • Recycling One Aluminum Can Saves Enough Energy To Run A Tv For Three Hours, Or The Equivalent Of Half A Gallon Of Gasoline

  • Recycling A Single Run Of The Sunday N Y Times Would Save 75,000 Trees


  • The Energy Saved From Recycling One Glass Bottle Can Run A 100-Watt Light Bulb For 4 Hours, Or A Compact Flourescent Bulb For 20 Hours. It Also Causes 20% Less Air Pollution And 50% Less Water Pollution Than When A New Bottle Is Made From Raw Materials