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Student Accounts

Office of Student Accounts
204 Haven-Warren Hall
Phone: (404) 880-8033, Fax: (404) 880-6317

The Office of Student Accounts serves as the central office responsible for processing of the various charges and credits placed on your student account by University departments and external agencies. Other responsibilities of the Office of Student Accounts include billing, collecting, administering and reporting of student charges such as tuition and fees.

The Office of Student Accounts assists students in finalizing their enrollment as a student for the current academic term in the University. Enrollment requires students to satisfy financial obligations associated with course registration, room and board, and other fees.
Students will become automatically enrolled via bannerweb: if their account balance is paid in full, if there is enough financial aid to cover their charges or if a payment plan is agree upon.


Please Note: If a student fails to complete enrollment, their classes will be dropped and it will be necessary to restart the registration process by reselection of classes for the current term. In some instances, the ability to reregister will need prior approval of financial aid, student accounts, or the Registrar’s offices.