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Payment Information

Office of Student Accounts
204 Haven-Warren Hall
Phone: (404) 880-8033, Fax: (404) 880-6317

Payment Information

Financial Requirements

Although students register for classes, their standing with the Office of the Student Accounts can affect their registration. All fees are payable by the deadlines published in the Academic Calendar for each academic term. Enrollment is not complete until all financial obligations are met.


All fees are payable by the deadlines published on the Academic Calendar for each academic term. Registration is not complete until all fees have been paid. Class schedules will be cancelled for students failing to pay their schedules in full by the stated deadlines. TO CHECK YOUR ENROLLMENT STATUS PLEASE LOG ONTO Bannerweb.

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Cancellation Policy

The academic calendar includes penalties for students not paying by the enrollment deadline. The late fee is $100.00. The late fee will apply for any registration payments occurring during "Late Registration". Classes will be canceled for non-payment immediately following the final cancellation of classes’ deadline.

Online Payments

Clark Atlanta University offers students the ability to make payments by Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express over the Internet. It is secure, convenient and free! TO MAKE A PAYMENT ONLINE, PLEASE LOG ONTO Bannerweb.

Tuition Payment Plan

Clark AtlantaUniversity is offers two payment plan options with Sallie Mae.

Option One: Semester Plan

This plan is offered to students each semester to assist in paying the remaining balance for a current semester.  The student will have the option of selecting the following:

(5) Payment Option: Balance is paid over 5 equal monthly payments beginning July 1 through December 1 for the Fall Semester and December 1 through April 1st for the Spring Semester.

(4) Payment Option: Balance is paid over 4 equal monthly payments beginning August 1 through November 1 for the Fall Semester and January 1 through April 1 for the Spring Semester.

How to Enroll in Sallie Mae Tuition Payment Plan

Students will have to set up this plan by logging into Banner Web. After logging into Banner Web, follow these steps to enroll in theSallie Mae Tuition Pay Plan:

    1.  Select  StudentServices and Financial Aid
    2.  Select Student Records
    3.  Select Sallie Mae Tuition Payment Plan

Option Two: Prior Balance Payment Plan

This plan is offered (on an exception basis only)to students who may have a balance from a prior term but may have sufficient funds to cover a current term.  This plan offers the student the flexibility to settle a previous balance by making monthly payments for up to twelve months. Plans are set up at the discretion of the staff in student accounts.  Arrangements for this plan must be made by contacting the Office of Student Accounts directly at (404)880-8033.

Fees Associated with the Sallie Mae Tuition Plan

Each of the payment plan options requires a payment of an enrollment fee in the amount of $70. The first month installment payment will also be due at the time ofenrollment.

To learn more about the Sallie Mae Tuition Payment Plan, please visit or call (800) 635-0120 to speak with a Sallie Mae specialist.

Please Note: If students fail topay their balance in full for the semester in which the charges are incurred,they will not be allowed to register for classes for the following semesteruntil all obligations have been met.

On Campus Payments
Students who will like to pay in person should bring their payments to the Office of Student Accounts located in, Haven Warren Hall, Suite 204.

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check or Money order.

Mail In Payments
Make all check or money order payments payable to Clark Atlanta University. When you provide a check as payment, you authorize Clark Atlanta University to process the payment as a check transaction. If the check transaction should return insufficient, a $25 returned check fee will be applied to the student account. To ensure accurate processing when mailing in a payment, please include the student’s ID on all checks or money orders and mail to the following address:

Clark Atlanta University
Office of Student Accounts
223 James P. Brawley, S.W
Atlanta, GA 30314