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Housing and Meals

Office of Student Accounts
204 Haven-Warren Hall
Phone: (404) 880-8033, Fax: (404) 880-6317

Housing and Meals Summer 2013

Residence Halls      Semester      
Room Type  
Beckwith Hall
 $1,374Single Room
Beckwith Hall $1,114Double Room
Brawley Hall
Five, Six Bedroom 
Brawley Hall 
Four Bedroom
Holmes Hall
Double Room
Merner Hall
 $1,331 Double Room
Pfeiffer Hall
 $1,331 Double Room

Meal Plans              
 Number of Meals
Platinum Unlimited
 $1,0223 Meals/Day
Gold $6812 Meals/Day

Housing and Meals 2013 - 2014

Residence Halls      Semester      
Brawley Hall $3,046  $6,092Five, Six Bedroom
Brawley Hall $3,116 $6,232Four Bedroom
Holmes Hall  $2,661  $5,322Double Room 
Merner Hall $2,661 $5,322Double Room
Pfeiffer Hall $2,661 $5,322Double Room 
CAU Suites
 $2,620  $5,240 Four Bedroom
CAU Suites $2,895  $5,790 Two Bedroom
CAU Suites $3,400  $6,800Two Bedroom Suite
Heritage Commons $3,400  $6,800Four Bedroom
Heritage Commons $3,370 $6,740Four Bedroom C 
Heritage Commons $4,290 $8,580Two Bedroom

Note:  The Panther Platinum Board Plan ($1,817) is required for First-year (Freshmen) students who live in any Residence Hall facility.

Heritage Commons

 Room Styles Lease Term
 Amount Per Semester
 2x2 unit
 10 Months $4,290.00
 4x2 unit
 10 Months $3,600.00

All residents must pay the first month’s installment on the day of move in via check, money order or credit/debit card.

For more information, please contact the Heritage Commons office at 404.688.4573.

CAU Suites 

 Room Styles Price per Month  Price per Semester  Price per year
 2x1 unit  $579.00  $2,895.00  $5,790.00
 4x1 unit  $524.00  $2,620.00  $5,240.00

The first month’s installment is due on the day of move in which will be: $524.00. for a 4x1 room and $579 for a 2x1 room. If the Financial Aid award letter is provided upon move in, all other payments can be deducted from Financial Aid if it is available.

For more information, please contact the CAU Suites office at 404.880.8690.

Board (Meal Plans)

Meal Plans              
 Number of Meals
Platinum Unlimited
 $1,817 $3,634Unlimited Meals
Gold $1,817 $3,63414 Meals/Week
10 Meals/Week
Block 130 
 $2,500130 Meals/Semester
Block 50
 $315 $630
50 Meals/Semester
Block 25
 $174 $348
25 Meals/Semester

***Tuition and fees are subject to change.