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           Message From the Dean


Given the current and highly politicized American educational landscape surrounding national standards, college and career-readiness principles, performance-based assessment and practitioner evaluation, and international competitive positioning, the demands on institutions of higher learning with educator preparation programs (EPPs) are serious with far-reaching implications and consequences. As such, we in the School of Education (SOE) at Clark AtlantaUniversity-given our historical and sociopolitical legacy of advocacy,excellence, innovation and access-seek to address society’s new challenges bymaking fundamental radical paradigmatic shifts in educator preparation. We areacutely aware of the new skill sets educators and education-scholars will needto address 21st century regional, state and global demands andtherefore are committed to preparing learner, school and university-readyscholar-practitioners equipped to transform P-20 learning environments on dayone in the life of their respective professions.


We have nine state-approved programs and are nationally-accredited through the Council for the Accreditationof Educator Preparation (CAEP). Moreover, we are one of seven HBCUs in the country with CACREP accredited programs (and the only private HBCU).


Equity and excellence are tenets by which we govern ouractivities, so if you hold the same ideals and wish to be a difference-maker inclassrooms, schools, agencies and/or universities then you should seriouslyconsider the SOE at Clark Atlanta University as the only viable choice toactualize your dream.



S. Warner, Dean
School of Education