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Postbaccalaureate Certification Program

    School of Education
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Postbaccalaureate Certification Program

Early Childhood

Admission Policies

  • All students MUST possess an OVERALL CUMULATIVE GPA of at least 2.5 on their undergraduate degree program for admission into the certification program offered and pass PRAXIS I/GACE I.
  • All official transcripts and recommendations must be submitted with application materials to the office of Admissions. Incomplete files will not be processed.
  • A student is notified of admission to the Certification Program by a letter from the Dean of the School of Education, indicating the appropriate contact person.

Matriculation Policies


  • Students must complete all admission requirements.
  • Students must show a letter of admission to the certification coordinator for the first semester of registration to provide proof of admission.
  • Advisement may involve content faculty and the certification coordinator in the Department of Curriculum.

Course Transfer

  • Students must take at least 15 hours of their certification program at Clark Atlanta University.
  • Students may transfer 25% of the remainder of their program beyond the 15 hours to be taken at Clark Atlanta University from another higher education (ARCHE) consortium institution or staff development units from a local county school.
  • Staff Development Units (SDU) will be considered and must be approved by the certification coordinator prior to enrollment.
  • The internship may not be taken through staff development.

Course Work

  • Each student must have a planned program of study before he or she begins to take courses.
  • A student can register for undergraduate or graduate courses for initial certification.
  • A student, with the permission of the advisor, may take up to 9.0 semester hours of graduate course work during the first two semesters of certification.
  • Only 9.0 credit hours of graduate course work may be transferred to a Master's degree program.


  • A student must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 during the matriculation;
  • Students must successfully complete the course work as identified on the planned program prior to applying for the internship.
  • Students must enroll in the Internship for 9.0 credit hours, after completion of the required course work. In the event students are employed in one of the county school systems, they may opt to do the Internship through the county program, but must have written permission from the coordinator.

Exit Procedures

To exit the Postbaccalaureate Program, students must execute the following procedures:

  • Complete all required coursework
  • Complete the Internship
  • Have final sign-off on the planned program of study by the major advisor
  • Present PRAXIS I/GACE I & GACE II passing scores
  • Complete and submit the PSC certification application to the School Records Coordinator with supporting documents as indicated.

Internship Requirements

  • Ten-week teaching experience in the area of certification in an acceptable school site
  • Evaluation by site and university supervisor
  • Electronic Portfolio
  • Action Research
  • Videotape of teaching episode
  • Internship Seminar

Students needing the internship for certification only, must enroll in at least 6 credit hours in curriculum and methods courses appropriate for the area of concentration prior to registering for internship and seminar.

Internship Application Process

A. Special Internship Cases

Students who are currently employed in a school, and are enrolled in one of the Department of Curriculum's certification programs, must secure permission, by letter, to take the internship from that school system's internship program. The student is responsible for retrieving materials about the Internship program from the Certification Coordinator in the County Staff Development Office to evaluate the program and to grant permission.

B. For Nondegree Certification Students

  • All course work for certification is completed.
  • Documentation of TCT/PRAXIS II/GACE II passing score.
  • Internship application is completed.

C. Student enrolled in Graduate Degree Programs

  • Certification of all course work required for certification.
  •  Documentation of TCT/ PRAXIS II/GACE II passing score.

D. Nondegree Students working in a classroom on a provisional certificate

  • All course work for certification is completed.
  • Documentation of TCT/PRAXIS II/GACE II passing score.
  • Completion of one year professional experience under   supervision.
  • Documentation of provisional on file.
  • Documentation indicating the staff person assigned as the site supervisor for the supervised experience.

Students who are not admitted to any of the School of Education's programs may not register for internship with a social system or seek certification from Clark Atlanta University.

Web Sites

The following sites will assist in providing additional information on certification: 


You must apply for an Internship the semester before you plan to participate, and submit the following:

  • A written application
  • Personal interview
  • Documents illustrating "readiness to teach"


New Student Orientation

  • Fall - Fourth Thursday of September 
  • Spring - Fourth Thursday of January 
  • Internship Orientation
* Fall - August
* Spring - January
* Summer - May
* Contact Department for specific dates.

Program in Exceptional Education

The Program in Exceptional Education offers the Master of Arts in Special Education General Curriculum.

M.A. in Special Education General Curriculum

The primary objective of the Master of Arts degree in Special Education General Curriculum is to prepare future teachers to instruct children and youth with mild disabilities. An emphasis is placed on presenting best practices for integrating technology into the curriculum and developing specific teaching competencies for the continuum of educational placements.
Admission Requirements

Master of Arts in Special Education General Curriculum

Students must meet the general requirements of the University and the School of Education, and possess the T-4 certificate or its equivalent. Students not currently holding a teaching certificate are required to take additional course work.

Degree Credit Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of thirty-six (36) credit hours. Students who do not currently possess a T-4 will be required to complete additional course work.