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School Counseling

    School of Education
    Rufus E. Clement Hall, 105
    Telephone: (404) 880-8505

Counselor Education

Planned Program in School Counseling

Masters of Arts in School Counseling

Planned Program

Common Core Courses
CCPS 501 Introduction to Counseling
CCPS 502 Helping Relationships Skills
CCPS 503 Human Growth and Development
CCPS 504 Theories of Counseling
CCPS 505 Group Counseling
CCPS 506 Career Counseling
CCPS 507 Research and Measurement
CCPS 508 Individual and Group Appraisal
CCPS 509 Counseling Diverse Populations
CCPS 510 Professional Ethics and Legal Application

Specialty Core Courses (Candidacy Required)
CCPS 518 School Consultation
CCPS 520 Organization & Administration of Counseling Services
CCPS 533 Counseling Children and Adolescents
CEDS 580 Psychology of Exceptional Children (Required for Georgia Certification)

Completion of Core Courses
Comprehensive Examination

Professional Clinical Core Courses
CCPS 524 School Counseling Practicum
CCPS 540 School Counseling Internship I
CCPS 541 School Counseling Internship II

Suggested Elective Offerings
CCPS 532 Counseling Couples and Families
CCPS 539 Theories of Personality I
CEDA 525 Technology and Information Systems

CSED 500 Communication Skills Exam (School of Education Requirement)