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Perfect Interview

Perfect Interview
is an innovative software program that allows users to practice and develop their interviewing skills. Perfect Interview creates a compelling and realistic "simulated interview" experience where you are asked challenging questions. In addition, Perfect Interview allows you to view your interview in full screen mode and save your interview on a CD ROM or flash memory device.

Tell Perfect Interview what kind of job interview you would like to practice for and how long you would like the interview to be. A professional interviewer appears on the monitor and asks the questions. You must reply, just as you would in a real interview. You can repeat each question as often as you like, and even see samples of how someone else might answer or get advice from an interview coach.

Perfect Interview contains over one thousand questions, responses, and helpful hints. Every time you use Perfect Interview, you will see interview questions that are tailored specifically to your level of expertise, education and qualifications. In addition, you can concentrate on specific question categories, such as opening questions, job performance, accomplishments, and etc.

Perfect your interview at the CPPC office Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM.