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PAW Card About

About the Card

It's your official ID. It's your access to buildings, the library and athletic events. It's The Way to Pay for everything you need.

When you choose to have a Panther PAW Cash Account, it’s also the Way to Pay for everything you need, on and off campus. Panther PAW CASH - a prepaid, stored-value account that's part of your Panther PAW Card - is the convenient, cashless way to pay on and off campus. Panther PAW CASH has you covered, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And it's all on one card that you have with you anyway. Simply make a deposit to your Panther PAW Cash Account and you will be able to make purchases at select on and off campus locations using the CAU fund (black magnetic stripe).

Panther PAW Cash Account features (funds are deducted from the campus stripe):

Easy – No need to carry cash, checks, or credit cards

Off-Campus – Coming Soon!

Automatic – Balances roll over each term/year

Debt Free – Not a credit card – no ugly debts

Safe – Your PAW Card lost or stolen?  No problem! Just notify the Panther PAW Office and we’ll deactivate your old card and transfer any balances to a new card

Dining – If you choose to have a Meal Plan for campus dining, your PAW Card serves as your Meal Plan Access Card.

AND.… When you select to have your student refund disbursed directly to your PAW Card.  The funds are available for use on the PAW Card Discover track (hologram magnetic stripe).  You will be able to use your funds anywhere Discover is accepted. Your Money Network Enabled PAW Card gives you any time, anywhere purchasing power with the functionality and security of a bank-issued, prepaid card.  You will also be able to get cash at an ATM.   For more detailed information visit: .

PAW Card Refund/MoneyNetwork® Card features (funds are deducted from the Discover® stripe)

  • Free* Account with no minimum or monthly fees.
  • The account can be reloaded by the school, friends, family - even your employer.
  • Convenient ATM access through 43,000 Allpoint® ATMs.
  • Can be used everywhere Discover® cards are accepted.
  • Account includes checks that can be cashed for free at any Walmart™ location.
Funds are FDIC insured.