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Consulting Guidelines

Graduate Writing Lab(GWL)
Room 108 - Kresge Hall
(404) 880-8426
(404) 880-8535 Fax


Consultants are

    • Uphold the policies and procedures of the GRLC.

    • Support a collaborative learning environment in which understanding is maximized.

    • Maintain professional conduct

    • Assist registered graduate or professional students with writing related to their academic and professional goals, except those forms of writing excluded by the assistance policy.

    • keep the student actively involved in the session by listening more than speaking.

    •  Offer honest and practical encouragement and constructive criticism.

    • Acknowledge that they cannot answer all questions, but will, to the best of their ability, refer students to the proper resource.

    • Utilize, as much as possible, the resources available in the GRC to improve learning sessions.

Consultants are PROHIBITED from:

    • Changing or editing work of students without consulting with them first.

    • Doing a student’s work for them or imposing ideas on a student.

    • Assisting a student with writing for examinations or other excluded types of writing (see GWL Policies for more information).

    • Discussing students’ projects or writings outside the Graduate Writing Lab.

    • Predicting a student’s grade, either for a paper or for a class.