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Staff Recruiting Process

Clark Atlanta University
Human Resources
Harkness Hall, Room 218
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Recruitment and Hiring Process for Staff Employees

All new, regular staff employees of the university will begin work on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month (or as adjusted by the Office of Human Resources).  The schedule of hire dates for 2014 are:

          January 7                        May 5                                September 1

          January 21                       May 20                              September 15

          February 3                       June 2                               October 6

          February 17                     June 16                              October 20

          March 5                           July 7                                November 3

          March 20                         July 21                               November 17

          April 7                             August 4                            December 1

          April 21                           August 18                           December 15


All new employees are required to attend newemployee orientation on their first day of employment.  All orientation sessions are held in the OITC conference room (lower level of Harkness Hall) and start at 9:30a.m.  During this orientation, the new employee will complete all necessary new hire paperwork, receive a general overview of University policies and procedures and the benefits package, and will be provided with other important information that they need to know as new employees. 

In order for this process to be as efficient as possible, the recruiting and selection process must be coordinated with Human Resources. This includes the completion of an Application for Employment, and the extending of both the contingent and final employment offers.  All candidates receiving contingent offers of employment must complete a Background Investigation Consent form so that we can conduct the background check.  It is also critical that the approved EPAF(Electronic Personnel Action Form), with all appropriate approvals, be received in HR prior to the employee’s first day of work. 

Following is astep-by-step breakdown of the hiring process. Ongoing consultation with the Office of Human Resources is suggestedthroughout this process. 

    1. Vacancy in a department is identified.  Preliminary discussions are held with the Office of Human Resources as needed.  

    2. Hiring manager must complete a Personnel Requisition Form, attach an updated job description (forms can be printed from the CAU web page), and submit it to the Office of Human Resources after obtaining all required signatures.  Job description must also be submitted electronically to for posting purposes.   

    3. The requisition and job description are logged into the Office of Human Resources and given a job number.  The forms are then reviewed for consistency with guidelines and signed by the HR Director.  

    4. Positions are posted on the CAU web site and other sources as requested by the hiring manager.   (Note:  All advertising expenses are the responsibility of the hiring unit.) All positions must be posted for a minimum of five (5) days.  

    5. Resumes/applications are received by the Office of Human Resources, reviewed and all qualified applicants are referred to the hiring manager.   

    6. Hiring manager reviews referred candidate credentials and conducts interviews of those deemed qualified for the position.  

    7. All finalist candidates who are interviewed must have a completed application and signed release for background check on file in the Human Resources Office.  (Manager should send candidate to Human Resources prior to or at conclusion of interview for completion.)  

    8. Hiring manager notifies Human Resources when candidate is selected and department is ready to make a contingent job offer.   

    9. Human Resources conducts background check on candidate selected and advises hiring manager of outcome, if negative.  

    10. An EPAF must be completed by hiring manager and forwarded through approval cycle to Human Resources at least five (5) days prior to employee’s first day of employment.   

    11. A contingent offer letter is sent by Human Resources to the selected candidate with start date and approved annual salary.  

    12. The new employee must attend New Employee Orientation* on their scheduled date.    


    *NOTE:     New employees have 30 days from the first day of employment to enroll in the medical and disability insurance plans.Therefore it is imperative that all new employees attend New Employee Orientation to obtain important and time sensitive information.