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Organizational Developement

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    Organizational Development
    Thayer Hall, Room 123
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With the support of Title III funds, the Office of Human Resources has assumed responsibility for the Organizational Development Activity at Clark Atlanta University.  This Activity was created to further the goal of increased professional development for staff employees as we work toward continuous process improvement and realizing the strategic priorities developed as part of the University strategic planning process.

As we begin our third year, we are excited about the opportunities for growth that should benefit each of us individually and CAU collectively. 

As we continue to work to develop this activity, you can look forward to professional development opportunities presented in various formats, both internal and external to the University.  We look forward to your feedback on our progress, as well as your suggestions for future training opportunities. 

As with any federally funded program, documentation is critical, as well as our ensuring that all funded activities realize the greatest return on investment and directly connect to our approved Title III objectives.  We ask you to follow appropriate procedures as they are outlined in University policy, as well as Title III procedures, so that we are able to efficiently and effectively process all required documentation to remain in compliance. 

This newsletter, as well as our website, will be used as a means of communication to inform you of our current and future activities and should help as you have questions regarding our Activity.  However, if you have any questions regarding our processes, please contact Dana Dodds (Training Coordinator) or myself.  We look forward to working with each of you!  

Valerie Vinson, PHR
Director of Human Resources &
Activity Director, Organizational Development