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The field Education program at Whitney M. Young, Jr. School of Social Work provides students with the opportunity to apply theories and skills they are learning in the classroom to actual practice. The major objective of field education is to prepare graduate students for competence in advanced social work practice by helping them develop the knowledge and skills they will need to assume a range of professional roles.

Field education provides the practical experience for professional social work practice.  It is field practicum that provides students with an educationally supervised arena for learning, growing, and doing.  Field education is a partnership between the educational community and the practice community in training future social work practitioners.  It provides students the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge and skills in an agency-based work environment.  As such, students are introduced to the everyday struggles, issues and challenges faced by individuals, groups, families, organizations and communities. 

The information on this Web site is to assist students and field instructors as they prepare for, engage in, and complete the field placement experience. There is also information for those who would like to consider becoming an affiliated site or a potential field instructor.

Acknowledgement Form MSW

Acknowledgement Form BSW

1st Year Mid-Semester Evaluation

2nd Year Mid-Semester Evaluation

BSW Mid-Semester Eval

1st Year Final Evaluation

2nd YearFinal Evaluation

BSW Final Eval

BSW Field Manual (PDF)

MSW Practicum Manual (PDF)

Agency Application for Field

Field Practicum Calendars and Seminar Schedules

Competencies and Examples of Practice Behaviors


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