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Seven Tips for Success at Clark Atlanta University

1. Schedule your time effectively
  • Create a weekly schedule with classes, meals, homework, free time, and sleep.
  • Follow your schedule, but be flexible.
  • Plan to study 2-3 hours for every 1 hour of class.
  • Set priorities.
  • Make sure you plan time for fun and relaxation.
  • Learn to say “no” when appropriate.
  • Do not procrastinate and stay organized.

2. Make it a habit to do coursework every day

Cramming is not conducive to understanding and retaining large amounts of information. Time on your courses each day is the best way to learn. Use the time between classes to stay on top of your readings.

3. Seek out help and improve your grades

Whether you are an “A” student or a “D” student, you can strengthen your skills. Check out the Center for Academic Achievement. Get to know your professors and academic advisor.

4. Get energized – eat, exercise, and sleep

Fatigue and stress weaken memory and comprehension. Eat properly, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep.

5. Go to class prepared and take thorough notes

Do not miss class. Someone else’s notes are not going to be as good as having gone to the lecture yourself. While taking notes, listen for emphases and examples. If you have questions after the lecture go to see your professor during his/her posted office hours. Learn as you go and you won’t find yourself unprepared the night before an exam.

6. Location, location, location…

Are you serious about getting work done? Find a good location. Use the library, study rooms, or empty classrooms.

7. Be test smart

Do not lose marks because of test-writing errors. Use strategies to tackle different types of tests (e.g., multiple-choice). Read instructions, budget time to answer questions, and do less difficult questions first to build confidence.